Beef for milk in barns

Beef for milk in barns

The dairy industry and its products occupy a place of honor in Israeli agriculture. The Holstein-Israeli milk cattle, developed in Israel, are reaching world production peaks that are gaining fame around the world. The dairy cattle farm in Israel is modern and sophisticated. In addition to the sophisticated milking machines, it is widely used in computing to determine the amounts of food and mixtures to feed the cows, for optimal milk yield for each cow. The quality of the milk is excellent, and today more than 1,000 products and brands are produced from it.

The main damage in the dairy cattle industry is caused as a result of diseases. We in Kent cover damages as a result of mortality, as a result of the slaughter of cattle slaughtered in the abattoir. In order to meet the high standards of the environment, a system for treating the carcasses of cows and cattle was established in 2001. The system allows all dairy producers in the country to enjoy a nationwide service of transporting carcasses to a special incineration facility. The insurance covers the expenses of evacuating and extinguishing the arrears.

All this as part of insurance that we take out together with the Dairy Council, which covers all dairy cattle farms. In addition to this insurance, we offer a supplemental plan in disaster insurance. The insurance provides protection to dairy farmers from large damages that can occur occasionally (such as botulism that severely affected the industry in 2002), covers case theft, and also provides insurance coverage in case of loss of milk production following a major mortality event in the dairy. The insurance enables the receipt of compensation for mortality at a large rate from the insured’s absence and thus ensures adequate insurance protection for large damages.

In these insurances the tower works directly with Kent.

The period of insurance contracts is between January 1 and December 31.